Heading 2

When he was come to Rome, where he had gone to stay with an old friend of his father’s, he spent his days still in thinking of his dear Imogen, and his nights in dreaming of her.

Heading 3

One day at a feast some Italian and French noblemen were talking of their sweethearts, and swearing that they were the most faithful and honorable and beautiful ladies in the world.

Heading 4

And a Frenchman reminded Leonatus how he had said many times that his wife Imogen was more fair, wise, and constant than any of the ladies in France.

Heading 5

So Iachimo wagered half his estate against the ring on Leonatus’s finger, and started forthwith for Britain, with a letter of introduction to Leonatus’s wife. When he reached there he was received with all kindness; but he was still determined to win his wager.

Heading 6

Cymbeline was the King of Britain. He had three children. The two sons were stolen away from him when they were quite little children, and he was left with only one daughter, Imogen. The King married a second time, and brought up Leonatus, the son of a dear friend, as Imogen’s playfellow; and when Leonatus was old enough, Imogen secretly married him. This made the King and Queen very angry, and the King, to punish Leonatus, banished him from Britain.

Poor Imogen was nearly heart-broken at parting from Leonatus, and he was not less unhappy.

Poor Imogen was nearly heart-broken at parting from Leonatus, and he was not less unhappy. For they were not only lovers and husband and wife, but they had been friends and comrades ever since they were quite little children. With many tears and kisses they said “Good-bye.” They promised never to forget each other, and that they would never care for anyone else as long as they lived.

“This diamond was my mother’s, love,” said Imogen; “take it, my heart, and keep it as long as you love me.”

“Sweetest, fairest,” answered Leonatus, “wear this bracelet for my sake.”

“Ah!” cried Imogen, weeping, “when shall we meet again?”

And while they were still in each other’s arms, the King came in, and Leonatus had to leave without more farewell.